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Through our BSBPL (India) brokerage arm, we provide our clients a variety of investment opportunities in the Indian capital markets.

Highlights of our strengths:

  • 20 years of clean record as members of NSE (National Stock Exchange),
  • Members of NSE, MCX exchanges,
  • Access to all types of Debt, Equity, Hybrid Mutual Funds,
  • Broad based clientele including retail, high networth, family office and institutional.
  • Strict adherence to Compliance,
  • Strong Internal Controls for Margin Management,
  • Never impacted by reasons like Market Crashes, Margin Calls or Natural disasters like Tsunamis and Floods,
  • Custom Human Support


A close attention to the goals expressed by high net worth investors summarizes their needs into three fundamental areas:

  • Reduction in Volatility
  • Enhancement of Returns and
  • Preference for Liquidity

It is exactly around these core investor needs that we built our investment approach and evolved it over time. Allow us to show you how our investment management makes for a simpler yet compelling Wealth Management Model.


The road to wealth maximization is riddled with unforeseen risks and unexpected opportunities. Our strategies are structured to seize upon such unexpected opportunities while mitigating unforeseen risks.

The strength of an Investment Portfolio lies in the strength of its Asset Allocation Model. The strength of an Asset Allocation Model depends on a disciplined, repeatable set of strategies. History is replete with instances of such strategies working in the long term.

When it comes to Asset Allocation Models. “Our is Unique” is an oft heard phrase. We, however, take pride in showcasing our Model as “Complex Strategies made Simple and Repeatable”. Let us show you how we made them simple enough to be replicated time and again and enable you to build simple portfolios that you can truly own all your life and beyond.


As a SEBI Registered investment Advisor, our consulting and investment management services are designed to guide businesses, HNIs and family offices through the complex process of divesting their operations, seeking new capital for expansion, identifying businesses that fit their investment objectives. Some of the most frequent requests from our clients, for which our management team had a long history of advisory support, include:

  • Raising money for operations and expansion,
  • Structuring Family Office Funds and hedge Funds
  • Business Valuation and Due Diligence
  • Structuring Products, Valuation and Trading
  • Deal Pipeline for Acquisitions and Private Equity
  • Advise on Impact of Global Events on Portfolio
  • Risk Management (particularly portfolio risk)
  • Foreign Currency Hedging
US: +1-703-728-3380, INDIA: +91-95662-28832